A Pioneering Surgeon’s Battle to Revolutionize Vascular Care and Challenge the Medical Mafia

“Dr. Veith would seem an unlikely radical, but he is waging an aggressive and unusually public fight in the clubby world of the medical profession.”

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What Is The Medical Jungle?

“That’s what this book is all about: GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN, often overcoming resistance or fighting back against opposition from some of the dangerous beasts that populate the medical jungle. To do this, you must think outside the box rather than following the herd. You must not bend to other people’s notions of how things should be done. You don’t simply follow existing protocols or guidelines. You’re a leader. You’re a nonconformist. You have to survive and function in an often hostile, jungle-like environment.That was me, trying to get people to realize that the impossible was possible.”

—Dr. Frank Veith, The Medical Jungle

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“[Dr. Frank Veith's] bookis a must read...This inside look at a trail-blazing surgeon's decades-long fight against the medical establishment is a fascinating chronicle of the complex inner workings of the ‘medical jungle.’”

—Starred review from Blue Ink Review

The Medical Jungle describes Dr. Veith’s journey in a surgeon’s world. It reveals that passion, hard work, and self-belief can overcome resistance to improve medical care. Sadly, it also confirms that necessary changes in medical practice cannot take place if those who are the custodians of change benefit from the status quo. This is a must-read book for all doctors and the public!”

past president of the European Society of Vascular Surgery

“Veith effectively tells a story that encompasses dramatic advances in the medical field over decades, while also taking a clear-eyed look at the industry’s challenges. An engaging and evocative medical memoir.”

— Kirkus

The Medical Jungle is a courageous and honest portrait of a passionate leader and a visionary vascular surgeon. It is a must-read for anyone trying to meaningfully affect any field and build a lasting legacy.”

vice president of clinical research and medical science, peripheral vascular heath, Medtronic

Renowned New York Surgeon Reveals Dark Side of the Medical Profession

No matter your profession, The Medical Jungle will inspire you to have the courage to do what is right, even in the face of tremendous adversity. Join Dr. Frank Veith—one of America’s most celebrated vascular surgeons—as he illustrates that while your environment may feel like a fierce jungle, unwavering conviction can tame the elements. 

Part captivating memoir, part exposé of a self-serving system, The Medical Jungle unveils numerous behind-the-scenes stories from an often opaque industry and recounts Dr. Veith’s tireless efforts to improve medical care for patients. With wisdom garnered from a seventy-year journey as a pioneering surgeon, Dr. Veith pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of innovative medical procedures, while candidly describing the self-interested parties that sought to either block or take credit for his progress. Always going against the grain for the greater good, Dr. Veith’s perseverance and determination will inspire anyone in any profession fighting the good fight. 

The New York Times calls Dr. Veith “an unlikely radical,” and this inspirational book will motivate anyone who faces adversity at any level to stand up—to be radical—even when it is unpopular.

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Meet Dr. Frank Veith

FRANK J. VEITH, MD, is one of America’s leading vascular surgeons, a pioneering creator of medical advances and the chairman of VEITHsymposium—the largest vascular surgery conference in the world. He currently serves as a professor of surgery at NYU and the Cleveland Clinic. 

At various times in a career spanning more than half a century, Dr. Veith has been a leader in every national and international vascular society. He has authored or co-authored more than 900 articles in medical journals. He has received numerous honors, including the Society for Vascular Surgery Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2013, an endowed chair was established in his honor at NYU.

Dr. Veith is a graduate of Cornell and completed his surgical residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard. He lives in New York with his wife, Carol.

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Meet Glenn Plaskin

Glenn Plaskin is the bestselling author of twenty-five books and his profiles and syndicated columns have appeared in the New York Times, the Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, US Weekly, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, W, and Playboy. His TV appearances include The Today Show, Oprah, Larry King, Joan Rivers, Sally Jessy Raphael, Geraldo, and Good Day New York.

The Six Pillars of The Medical Jungle

In The Medical Jungle, Dr. Frank Veith lays out the six pillars of his pioneering tenure as a vascular surgeon in some of the most prestigious vascular programs in the country and the groundbreaking—and at times controversial—advancements for which he tirelessly advocates.

Breath In, Breath Out: Innovations in Lung Transplantation | A fifteen-year mission to overcome the major obstacles that prevented lung transplantation from being a practical therapeutic treatment. 

The Art of Limb Salvage | A commitment to saving lower limbs afflicted with gangrene, cases that would require a major amputation in other institutions. 

The Endovascular Revolution | The first to repair aneurysms, as well as obstructed and injured arteries, with less invasive endovascular procedures that do not require open operations. 

Valiant Crusade: Recognizing Vascular Surgery as an Independent Speciality | Most controversially, Dr. Veith led the fight to make vascular surgery a distinct and independent specialty. 

All under One Tent | Developed the VEITHsymposium–an international continuing medical education event that provides vascular surgeons and all vascular specialists with updates on the latest advances, changing concepts in diagnosis, pressing controversies, and new techniques.

Mentorship: The Lasting Legacy | A commitment to mentorship and career promotion of others.

Praise for The Medical Jungle

“Dr. Veith is an icon in academic surgery and a visionary vascular surgery leader. The Medical Jungle vividly portrays his personal persistence to get his innovative contributions accepted as well as his important decades-long fight to establish vascular surgery as a recognized discipline.”

—DR. HAZIM J. SAFI, founding professor and chairman of the department of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery at McGovern Medical School, University of Texas, in Houston

The Medical Jungle is compelling both as a fascinating chronicle of a remarkable medical career and a picture of the inner workings of the medical establishment and its failure to allow for change both in medical practice and regulation of the profession.”

—G. OLIVER KOPPELL, former attorney general of New York

“[The Medical Jungle] is an eye-opener, revealing Dr. Veith’s immeasurable craft and passion. He proves that true grit pays off. I am eternally grateful to him for saving my leg, a loss that would have been crushing for a professional tennis plays. Because of his persistence and grit I have lived a fulfilling life.”

—Carol Ligatino, Division 1 Tennis Player


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